Our goal is to find visual language to bridge the gap between art and audience


We are a small design firm led by Stacey Clarke, our principal designer, and owner. We are based in Fairfax, Marin County, CA. We specialize in launching boutique businesses with our elevated aesthetic and understanding of the market in this area. We also love to work for non-profit organizations in our community.

Everything we do is done with a personal touch. Stacey meets each client in person to truly understand their product or cause and then we work with each client’s unique budget and goal. Sometimes we re-brand a larger organization over a period of many months, other times we might jump in just for a few weeks to launch a new product or announce an event. San Francisco is known for large design agencies catering to Silicon Valley, we want to be known for supporting the businesses and organizations in our communities that make living in Marin, Napa and Sonoma so enjoyable.


We love to hear from graphic designers, web designers, communications professionals and photographers in our community and beyond. If you would like to be on our freelance list please reach out to us on the contact form and send a link to your portfolio. We are currently looking for more graphic designers.


We are grieving the loss of so many special businesses and the homes of dear friends in the North Bay fires. If you are rebuilding after the fires please reach out to us for a discounted rate on any branding or design needs you have.