BRANDING: A tool library gets moving

We worked with an entrepreneur trying to launch a tool lending library in his hometown. They needed a logo and some branding advice to start to build their grassroots movement. We worked on creating something bold and nostalgic to communicate the feel of an open and inviting community gathered to share tools. The brand utilizes some classic colors associated with tools and appliances. The typefaces were selected for their vintage appeal. A nod to the mid-century when times were a little less high tech and everyone knew their neighbor.


ENVIRONMENTAL: Trade Show Designs


Stacey worked for Keysight Technologies Inc. on a 1.5 year rebranding project, one of the last things she did for them was create the files for banners and printed details around their booth for an upcoming trade show. We weren’t there to see the final booth set up but a quick search online uncovered some photography of their booths and tucked into the experience is, voila, some of Stacey’s work is in there.


PRINT: RH Baby & Child 2015 Catalogue

The 2015 Restoration Hardware Baby & Child Catalogue is out and it looks great. Stacey worked on site with RH on some of the typography for this issue in Fall 2014. We love the aspirational aesthetic RH has curated in their print catalogs.

PACKAGING: twig and leaf botanicals

The project for twig and leaf botanicals ended with 12 SKUs of biodegradable packaging for their organic, hand-harvested teas. Their simple apothecary style labels are easily customizable as they respond to their unique online orders and changing crops.


BRANDING: Stacy Ventura Photography

Stacy Ventura is a talented Marin County-based food photographer. We love her warm inviting images of farm-to table living and sumptuous food. Stacey designed her new logo to feel like it had one foot in the culinary world and the other on a charming rustic farm.



stacy ventura

BRANDING: Slingshot Syndicate

Stacey sat down with Jonathan and Kirby Bowles in July to discuss their new charity’s visual identity. They had a really clear concept developed around using the image of a slingshot to convey launching ideas and projects. They had done a lot of visual research already so pulling together a mood board from their collection of images was a great way to start to hone in on a look and feel. There were pictures of tattoos and bold historical posters. When asked, “So, you like the idea of a slingshot, possibly a fist and you seem to like Russian constructivist style graphic art?” they answered, “Yes” and we delivered.

The final mark worked for both their organization and Jonathan’s podcast, Slingshot Show. Slingshot Syndicate launched successfully and the Slingshot Show not only got off the ground in itunes but hit the top of the charts. Identity for Slingshot Syndicate

BRANDING: twig and leaf botanicals

Earlier this year I began working on a re-brand for a small company that grows and distributes organic handmade teas, health and beauty products. twig and leaf botanicals needed a new look to help them grow and prosper a largely online marketplace. The logo I came up with abstracted from a literal twig and leaf and encompassed the fluid feel of a water droplet. It was the simple modern mark the owner, Kelly Beth was seeking. Here’s a glimpse of that re-brand. You can watch as twig and leaf unfurls their new look at



PRINT: Reclaimed Space Newsletter



Project Description: A newsletter using two spot colours. One side of the newsletter opens into a poster.

Process This newsletter is about urban gardening and it is a small collection of articles on planning and harvesting urban organic food. 

There is an outer folding card, which is a mailer so the newsletter folds up map-style inside. The mailer is perforated in the middle. One side becomes a mail-back postcard to subscribe to the publication. This reduces the paper waste involved in making an envelope and ensures that the mail-in subscription card is fully incorporated into the design.

The inspiration for this project came from the study of grassroots publications, literary journals, and high-end garden tool packaging. The concept of the urban garden called for a return to some classic typography with a modern experimental twist. 

PRINT Fire In The Landscape [personal art project]

PRINT: Aids Awareness Poster


Project Description Campaign poster to raise awareness about AIDS in California

The Process Why not have road signs, much like the ones that remind drivers to buckle up, to remind people to use protection? Stacey created a series of these signs with various California images she shot in the background including the back highways near Pear Blossom, downtown LA, the Presidio in San Francisco and last but not least, the Tenderloin. 

BRANDING: Victoria Peace Coalition

BRANDING: Letterpress Decorative Printing

UI DESIGN: Readlr App for iPhone

Client: Andrew Smith, Owner, Burgess

Stacey’s client, Andrew, came to her for help designing the user interface for the first app to aggregate Tumblr posts for the iPhone. She decided it needed a sophisticated “art gallery” feel and it needed to be very clean to allow users to focus on content. Based on a concept and a mood board she built a grid and learned everything she could about what limited and defined her scope within the iOS. The app successfully went into the app store in 2010.