Stacey Clarke



A year and a half ago I led a team that completed a brand for VIM AEC, a growing tech company serving the architectural, construction and engineering markets. The following year, their new head of design hired me again to do brand evolution on that mark. The company had grown and they had learned about who they were had decided to drop "AEC" from their name.

We honed in on hexagons in early sketches and built a concept around both the science and mythology of hexagonal imagery. The final mark came from a period of going over my own previous academic work on sacred geometry. There, in an old notebook was a root three rectangle and within it was a hexagon bisected by lines in every direction that made it feel very three dimensional. Within that space one could see a V, and tracing over and and over I found the lines that would become our logo with it's light-reflecting facets.

Having a three dimensional logo has provided us with many challenges but in solving each one we keep deepening our understanding of this mark.
I created the brand guide, graphic assets to support the UI team, social media templates, presentation slide styles, web banners, stationery, business cards, stickers, shirts, notebooks, water bottles and the artwork for a 29' trade show booth for AU'19.

The team:
Art Director: Stacey Clarke
Creative Director: Luke Hamilton (Head of Design at VIM)

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