Stacey Clarke



A year and a half ago I led a team that completed a brand for VIM AEC, a growing tech company serving the architectural, construction and engineering markets. The following year, their new head of design, Luke Hamilton, approached me with the idea of doing some brand evolution on that mark and seeing where we could take it.

The company had grown since I'd last been creating a logo for them and they had learned much more about who they were and who they wanted to communicate to. They also had decided to drop "AEC" from their name. We came up with the concept of a hexagon in early sketches and liked how that felt more expansive and interesting than a box shape. There are hexagons in mythology across many cultures, we also find hexagons in sacred geometry, in nature and in architecture. It's a shape that is uniquely strong as a building material as well. We also liked the idea of prisms and were committed to working on shapes that would eventually animate, rotate and be freed from static space. This is another new consideration as a designer who mostly works on very flat, reductive logos. I'm usually looking for the most simple essence, abstracting down to the tiny corner of the larger concept.

The final mark came from a period of going over my own previous academic work on sacred geometry. There, in a root three rectangle, was a hexagon bisected by lines in every direction that made it feel very three dimensional. Within that space one could see a V, and tracing over and and over I found the lines that would become our logo with it's light-reflecting facets.

Having a three dimensional logo has provided us with many challenges but in solving each one we keep deepening our understanding of this mark.
I created the Brand Guide for the company and have stayed on to complete the brand implementation and design of their company collateral and social media assets.

The team:
Art Director: Stacey Clarke
Creative Director: Luke Hamilton (Head of Design at VIM)

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