Stacey Clarke



VIM AEC had been around for a number of years and was in a period of investment and growth. They needed to shed their old identity and create a new brand that supported their vision as they set out to radically change the way people design and build buildings. I created a branding team of myself and two other designers, Alexa Adelman who normally works as an Art Director on branding large industrial corporations in Canada, and Stacy Messerschmidt who has a vast background in designing brands, spaces and experiences.

With my research assistant Nancy, we gathered information to support our idea of branding this company to feel like a modern architectural design exhibit. Elevated, clean and forward thinking with typographic detail and attention to space we often don't see among tech start ups. All three designers contributed hand drawn thumbnails to our group pool of ideas, refined and reviewed and supported the strongest directions and created the final mark and colors based on obsessive research and process. Our final mark distilled the idea of what VIM AEC does. In our presentation we said:
"Less is more in a brand. The mark we created is both a building and a viewer, it’s not static but has a deliberate space between walls symbolizing the flexibility and possibility in this space."

I created the Visual Standards Guide for the company and expanded the brand guidelines to cover typographic detail and color palettes. I contracted with the company to further supervise the brand implementation for a trade show and with their print collateral.

The team:
Art Director: Stacey Clarke
Designers: Stacy Messerschmidt, Alexa Adelman
Research: Nancy Shaw

Project image 0: VIM AEC Project image 1: VIM AEC Project image 2: VIM AEC